Hello, I am Iman and I started my life with website design and entered many fields to gain information from each one. After taking visual courses such as Photoshop and Illustrator, I entered the world of Linux. My intention of participating in different courses was to increase awareness and overcome obstacles in my way. Later, I got to know Python/Django and JavaScript/reactJs and entered deeply into these specializations.
SKILLS - ReactJs
- JavaScript
- Bootstrap 4-5
- Html5 & Css3
- Django
- Python
- Lpic 1
- Mcsa Pack
- Sans (PortSwigger)
- Photoshop & Illustrator
- WordPress
PORTFOLIO - Market Maskan Insurance

- Damage Maskan Insurance

- Qp QrCode for Product

- Betion (Comming Soon)


- Instagram

- Linkedin

- 09127989807

Address : Gisha, Tehran, Iran
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