Eager to learn

I'd love to talk about networking too much and remember a little bit. Although the network is a bit tricky topic, I still want to learn the first one in order to be able to use it with the science of Linux.

Iman Pakrouh


I have a good relationship with virtual networks and I have a fair amount of activity in them. I am not looking for unemployed people in these networks, and I am mostly looking for education and training.

Greatest honor!

I was able to rank second among the 30,000 plan submitted in Tehran province at the 19th Mehr Question Competition in the Poster Basin.

Second place In the 19th Competitions of the tournament Question Mehr

Work samples

As I said, I'm doing a lot of graphic work and now I'll see some of my best examples here.

Contact Me

If you want to connect with me or order a website design or graphics, then contact me through virtual networks or the front page.